Scarred little girl wins RM400,000

March 31, 2016

NUR Airish Daniesya Norizal, five, who was scarred after she was splashed with a bowl of piping hot tom yam soup two years ago, has finally been awarded a compensation of RM403,018.74, reported Kosmo!.

Her mother, Nur Ashikin Md. Ariffin, 30, was overjoyed when the Kota Baru Sessions Court ruled in her favour on Tuesday, after two years of attending court sessions to fight for her daughter.

The court found Tadika Minda Elit responsible for the incident and ordered it to pay the compensation to Nur Airish Daniesya.

“My daughter was not only traumatised by the incident, she is also scared of hot items whenever she enters the kitchen,” said Nur Ashikin, adding that her daughter was also shy about mingling with friends because of her scars.

Nur Ashikin said the compensation received would be used to continue paying for Nur Airish’s medical expenses until she was completely healed.

> Harian Metro reported that more than 100 vehicles were stranded after a lorry skidded, scattering hundreds of kilogrammes of flour on the road at Kampung Kelawat, Kota Belud on Tuesday.

The lorry, which was on its way to Kota Belud, was believed to have developed some brake problems, causing the driver to lose control and nearly crashing the vehicle, causing its cargo of flour to be flung onto the road.

Kota Belud Fire and Rescue Department chief Rozlan Osman said his team took more than an hour to clear the road by spraying water from a fire engine.

> The case of Muhammad Alif Shukran, who claimed that he was forced by some boys in his school to cut his own tongue, has raised some questions, reported Utusan Malaysia.

Selangor Education director Zainureen Mohd Nor said the school authorities had been unable to identify the group of students who were said to have forced Muhammad Alif to cut his own tongue.

Asked if Muhammad Alif Shukran’s incident was a made-up story, Zainuren said the matter was still being investigated.

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Angry lorry driver rams through 18 cars

February 21, 2016

angry lorry

NIBONG TEBAL: An angry lorry driver, who found his path blocked by several cars at a market in Taman Berjaya here, rammed his way through, damaging 18 vehicles in the process.
Most of the cars damaged belonged to market-goers, who had parked along Lorong Rajawali 2, where the lorry was also believed to have been parked.

However, no one was hurt in the incident, which happened at about 9am yesterday.
It was believed that the lorry had been parked along the narrow road leading to the market, since Saturday night.

An eyewitness said the lorry driver tried to move his vehicle yesterday morning but the path was blocked by the cars.

“Angered because he could not move his lorry, the driver hit a car on his way out. We tried to stop him but he ignored us and continued to ram the lorry into the other cars parked there.
“Before we knew it, he was already out on the open road,” the eyewitness said.
The lorry was later discovered near a banana plantation, not far from the scene of the incident, but the driver was not found.

One of the car owners, Lim Hai Shun said he was at an association meeting not far away when he heard some commotion.

“Somebody came in and alerted us about the incident.

“When I got to my car, it was already a wreck,” said the 60-year-old retiree.

South Seberang Prai OCPD Supt Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad said in a statement here yesterday that investigations revealed that the lorry was registered with a construction company based in George Town.
“As of 4pm, out of the 18 damaged cars, seven car owners have lodged police reports at the district’s traffic police division.

“Police will be investigating the case either under Section 43 or Section 44 of the Road Transport Act 1987. Police are still looking for the driver,” said Supt Wan Hassan.

Klang Council facing legal action from family of boy who fell into manhole

February 21, 2016

KLANG: The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) will be served a letter of demand by the parent of a boy who fell into a uncovered manhole and lost a kidney due to severe injuries.
May Tok, 44, would be initiating the action against MPK with the help of the MCA Youth Legal Bureau.
Fifteen-year-old Lim Wei Tek was walking along the pedestrian walkway along Persiaran Batu Nilam next to a hypermarket on Jan 27 when he fell into an uncovered manhole which had a pile of branches and dried leaves over it.
In the 6.45am incident, Lim, who was headed to the nearby SMK Batu Unjur, sustained serious injuries on the right side of his waist.
He later had to undergo surgery at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) as his kidney had ruptured.
The letter of demand would be served to MPK by the legal bureau chief Ng Kian Nam once Tok receives her 15-year-old son’s medical report.
Ng said Tok is expected to receive the medical report from (HTAR) by mid-March.
“We are finalising certain claim items pending the medical report. We also want to identify the matters of liability of this incident because the pedestrian walkway is under the jurisdiction and maintenance of MPK.
“We view that MPK has full duty of care and liability in this incident. We would also want to claim for exemplary and aggravated damages because MPK is the local authoritity and we feel that this is important to alert them that it is their responsibility to care for the safety of the people under their jurisdiction.
“The letter of demand will see if there would be any room for settlement and if not, we will go on to initiate court proceedings,” he said.
Tok said she was also demanding for MPK to pay her son’s medical costs and to facilitate payment should he be plagued by health complications in the future because of the kidney loss.
“My son is recovering well but cannot consume solid food as yet. He is currently on a month’s medical leave,” she said.
A visit to the scene after the press conference showed that the manhole had been covered.

Mamak mee seller loves what he does so much that he doesn’t want to quit

September 23, 2015


GEORGE TOWN: A mamak mee goreng (fried noodles) seller Abdul Karim Pakir may already be 92 but he’s not ready to quit yet.
“I love what I do so much that I do not want to quit.
“I have pain in my body, here and there, because I am old, but that will not stop me from going on doing what I do,” he said at his stall in Tamil Street here.
Abdul Karim has been plying his trade from a makeshift cart near the Chowrasta Market Complex for more than 30 years.
His price for a plate of mee goreng has remained RM2.50 for as long as he has been there.
Abdul Karim, who stays in Jalan Makloom with his daughter, does not stinge on the ingredients.
Also, the portion is the same as any mee goreng sold elsewhere in Penang.
“I only need to make a little profit. Why should I charge so much?
“I don’t even need to pay anyone to help me as I do everything myself.
“I take a bus to my stall every morning. I am usually open from 11am to 10pm,” he added.
When asked how he started selling fried noodles, Abdul Karim had no trouble remembering the day he left India for Malaya.
“In India, I was a fisherman and I came to Malaya in 1947.
“I was 24 years old when I came here with my younger sibling and we worked at a coffee shop where I learned to speak Malay.
“I could only read Tamil then, but I speak a little English,” he said.
Abdul Karim added that five years later, the coffee shop was sold off and that was when he sold laksa for a living.
“I would order fish from Teluk Bahang as a good laksa needed good fish. I sold laksa at the Esplanade for about 40 years before I decided to close shop due to a lack of customers. I then changed to mee goreng which I have been selling till today,” he said.
When asked about his wife, tears filled his eyes.
He refused to talk about her other than to say that she had passed away.
Hawker Mohd Taufique Seeni Mohamed, 31, said the old man’s stall would be in total darkness in the evening as the cart had no lights.
“His cart is directly under a non-functioning street light,” he said.
“We have complained about this to the authorities and they visited the site but nothing has been done.”

‘Silent killers’ costing a bomb for Socso

July 24, 2015


PUTRAJAYA: They are called silent killers – they kill 40 employees a day or render them incapable of working.
This gamut of non-communicable diseases (NCD) cost Socso RM627,401,831 last year in invalidity payments and survivors’ pension.
Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot said 8,912 Socso members became invalid and 5,554 died as a result of the silent killers.
“This is a loss to employers and directly leads to a decrease in productivity. Families will be affected as well,” said Riot in a recent interview.
He said Malaysia was facing an epidemic of NCD – a high prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia among adults, especially those aged above 40 years.
This was also reflected in the claims for invalidity or survivors’ pension made to Socso, where almost 34% and 50% of the claims respectively were due to NCD.
Riot said the high prevalence of NCD was part of the reason why Socso introduced the Health Screening Programme (HSP) in 2013, offering members comprehensive health screening vouchers once they turn 40.
However, out of the 2.1 million vouchers distributed since 2013, only 429,633 members have used them up to June 29 this year.
Of the 206,000 vouchers distributed this year, only 5.6% or 11,601 were used.
Of the 387,028 people who underwent the HSP from January 2013 to Dec 31 last year, 67% had not undergone a comprehensive health screening before.
The HSP found that 39% were overweight, 34% were obese, 27% were hypertensive, 9% have diabetes and a whopping 62% have hypercholesterolemia, that is an abnormally large amount of cholesterol in the blood.
The HSP provides screening for breast and cervical cancer with pap smear and mammogram tests.
The pap smears identified 464 women with abnormal results that needed further investigation.
The examination showed highly suspicious findings for 139 of them and cancer in six women.
According to the mammograms, 988 women had suspicious results that needed investigation while 164 showed signs of highly suggestive malignancy.
“The impact of cancer is immeasurable, which can’t simply be calculated with money or cost,” said Riot.
“Being able to prevent or identify early changes that will prevent further progression of the disease is very important.”
He said the public has heard of HSP but was not fully aware of the importance of utilising the vouchers.
“Personally, I think many Malaysians do not want to know their health status; some may be in denial, which is why they give excuses but the fact is, I think they are just afraid,” he added.

Two-year-old survives night in plantation full of snakes

March 29, 2015

2-year old

KOTA KINABALU: A two-year-old boy survived a night alone in a snake-infested rubber plantation in the interior Tenom district.
Healezry Zeandfly Henderi was found sleeping in a narrow path of a thick undergrowth at 10.25am yesterday, about 18 hours after he was reported missing.

Apart from a minor scratch on his cheek, Healezry was generally doing well although he was weak and frightened when he saw firemen approaching him in the hilly terrain rubber plantation about 300m from his house in Kg Kuala Tolokoson.

“He had been sleeping in the bushes. But he woke up at once and was scared when he saw us,” Tenom district Fire and Rescue Department officer Hairin Sarbin said.
“One of our men told him that they had come to take him home. The boy immediately stood up and allowed himself to be carried,” he said when contacted.

Home safe: Family members feeding Healezry after his rescue.

In the police report lodged at 4pm on Thursday, it was stated that Healezry’s mother Moina Barahin, 27, had just reached home from the market in Tenom town and had headed to the toilet.

The 23-month-old boy wanted to follow his mother into the toilet

When she came out of the toilet, she searched for him but he was nowhere to be found.

Healezry, who has an elder brother, was last seen coming out of the house alone by a neighbour.
During the search for Healezry in the rubber plantation in Kemabong, firemen heard the cries of child at least three times between 8pm and 9pm on Thursday but they could not locate him immediately.

“We stopped our search at 11pm and continued at first light,” Hairin said.

When he was finally home, Moira gave him a drink immediately before feeding him.

The boy was taken to the Kemabong hospital for a medical check up and observation, Hairin said, adding that he had remained mostly quiet and spoke little since the rescue.

However, his rubber tapper father Henderi Andiwang, 35, and Moira thanked the rescuers profusely for bringing their boy home, he said.

Cars crushed by falling billboard during Penang freak storm

September 24, 2014

Kristal Point

GEORGE TOWN: Four cars were crushed by a falling billboard at Krystal Point, Bayan Baru during a severe thunderstorm here Friday evening.

The signboard, measuring approximately 6m by 18m, caused severe damage to a Perodua Myvi, a Perodua Kelisa, a BMW and a Citroen when it fell from the fifth floor of the building.

It felt like my tongue was bitten by red ants, says Singaporean who complained of too-spicy fried rice

May 7, 2014


JOHOR BARU: The Singaporean man who lodged a police report after eating a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung (village-style fried rice) that he found too spicy at a restaurant here, said his tongue felt like it was “bitten by red ants” after eating it.
In his police report, former lorry driver Lau Thiam Huat, 61, said he ordered the dish and a glass of warm water for dinner at a restaurant in Jalan Bukit Timbalan at around 9pm on April 30.
When contacted by The Star, Lau said he was not fond of spicy food and would usually order steamed fish at the shop.
However, he wanted something a spicier that day and decided to try the fried rice.
“I regret my decision as after a few spoonfuls, my mouth was on fire and my tongue felt like it was bitten by red ants,” he said.
Lau, a father of two, added that his mouth still felt uncomfortable the next day, which prompted him to go back to Johor Baru to lodge a police report at its south area police headquarters.
Lau said he suspected that the cook put too much chilli in his dish, and he made the police report in case he needed a medical check-up after eating it.
Lau said that he occasionally frequented the shop when he was in Johor Baru, but would usually just have a glass of warm water there.
“I might go back to the shop, but I will definitely not order food from the restaurant again,” he said, adding that his mouth was still slightly numb on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, checks by The Star showed that there were no restaurants or stalls along Jalan Bukit Timbalan. Lau had refused to reveal the name of the shop or describe what it looked like.
Johor Baru South deputy OCPD Supt Abdul Samad Salleh confirmed the police report.

Computer addiction ends in tragedy

November 6, 2013


GEORGE TOWN: A youth addicted to computer games died of a heart attack at his home in Bandar Baru Air Hitam here after apparently playing continuously for over 15 hours at a cybercafe nearby.


Ong Yee Haw, 23, (pic) was found slumped over the keyboard in front of his computer monitor in a room by his uncle at about 4pm.

He was said to have been at the cybercafe from 10pm on Sunday until 1pm the next day before returning home to his own computer.

However, it was not known which computer game Ong had been playing before his death.

His mother Chew Qun Juan, 62, said her only son had been addicted to computer games ever since he stopped working at a restaurant five months ago following a motorcycle accident.

“He injured his right hand and had to stop working. I constantly told him not to spend too much time on computer games but he never listened.

“I single-handedly raised him after my husband died of cardiac arrest 15 years ago. Words cannot describe my sadness now. I only hope that others, who are also addicted to computer games, will learn something from this.

“I hope this will not happen to anyone else. My son was still so young,” she said in between tears when met at the Penang Hospital mortuary yesterday.

A post-mortem report, she said, confirmed that Ong died of a heart attack.

Ong was cremated at the Batu Gantung crematorium yesterday afternoon. The case has been classified as sudden death.

On Dec 27 last year, a 35-year-old broker was found dead inside his home, supposedly after playing video games.

A video game console was found in front of Liu Peng Han’s body. When his body was discovered by his uncle, Liu was lying on the sofa in the living room.

There had also been several media reports of deaths due to computer addiction in China, South Korea, Vietnam and the United States.

It was reported that in 2005, a man in South Korea went into cardiac arrest and died after playing StarCraft almost continuously for 50 hours. Two years later, a 30-year-old man in Guangzhou died after playing video games continuously for three days.

Two-year-old killed by reversing car “driven” by elder brother

September 18, 2013

PARIT BUNTAR: A two-year-old boy was killed after he was hit by a reversing car with his older brother allegedly playing inside in Taman Kerian near here.


Mohd Adam was found sandwiched between the car and the wall of the house in the 12.30pm incident on Wednesday. He died of serious head injuries at the scene.

 His father, Mohd Ali Hussin, 53, said the incident occurred after he returned home to pick up goods after sending his wife to Alor Pongsu, Bagan Serai. 

 “I rushed out after hearing a loud noise outside the house and found my son, Aiman Yasin, trying to start the car engine but to no avail. The car reversed and hit Mohd Adam who was playing behind it,” he said. 

Kerian police chief Supt Mat Fauzi Nayan confirmed the incident.